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Native Gardens are Suffolk based and have been established since 2000.  We are here to help you create a perfect environment within your garden to encourage wildlife to visit you. 

  • Create a nectar rich area, we can help you do this by making flower borders with the correct species to attract the bees and butterflies.
  • Sow a Cornflower meadow to provide a swathe of colour and scent, or a long term wildflower meadow, which improves each year to provide a fantastic area for insects, small mammals to further up the food chain to Barn Owls.
  • Adding a pond with the right marginal and aquatic species to any area, and it will act like a magnet to your resident wildlife.  In the first year you can expect to see Water Boatman, Diving Beetles and Water Fleas, it also becomes a valuable water source for garden birds, small mammals and possibly Grass Snakes.
  • Planting new woodland areas and hedges for amenity, firewood, or timber for a combined future use and wildlife habitat.  Our very experienced Forester/Tree Surgeon with over 20 years of working with trees can help you decide which species are best suited for your site and provide planting plans for the area you would like Native Gardens to plant.
  • Living Willow structures gives an interesting feature to your wildlife garden, dens for the children to play in or a soft screen to break up a garden or to add some privacy.  If there is a shape that you wish to have, please talk to us to see what we can come up with.
  • Green roofs, whether its with a purely Sedum mixture or Sedums and wildflowers we can help talk you through the stages and create that extra green space.

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